The Proving Factory features heavily in this month’s MWP advanced manufacturing magazine as one of the businesses which could help set the course for UK car manufacturers to reach some of the highest annual production levels since the recession by 2017.

According to the article, at the current rate of progress over two million cars are expected to be produced in 2017. However the full potential of UK advanced technologies to the industry is yet to be realised. This is due to the level of risk a tier one supplier has to undertake in order to get a new technology production-ready. The article cites The Proving Factory as the potential solution to this challenge, as it aims to de-risk this process for both manufacturers and technology developers by ensuring designs are suitable and cost-effective enough for mass production and in so doing proving their viability in automotive applications.

To read the full article on how The Proving Factory could become integral to the growth of the UK automotive manufacturing sector click through to page 46 of the latest issue.