Manufacturing Readiness Development

The Proving Factory works closely with technology developers and their customers to prepare their technologies for production.  We wrap our services around your core technology and product development engineering activities.

Our Product Gateway Process (PGP) is based on the automotive industry standard APQP methodologies and aligns to wider industry standards of Manufacturing Readiness Levels.   PGP provides a structured stage gated programme of development to optimise your route to production.

Using tools such as Manufacturing Feasibility Analysis, Design for Assembly and Manufacturing Cost Analysis, we provide structured input to the application development phase of your programme, ensuring the end product is ready for production.

Process Development

From manufacturing feasibility studies to new product introduction process management, The Proving Factory ensures your technology gets the best route to production.

Our Product Realisation Centre is where we develop the assembly processes to give your prototype the best footing on its route to production.  Through the PRC, we make the final step of taking your innovation from technology into a product, ensuring that scalability, quality and cost are at the heart of your product’s realisation.

We ensure your product the best chance of succeeding by optimising production processes, reducing waste, releasing resources and maximising your return on investment.

A deconstructed rotary engine

Supply Chain Development and Supplier Quality Assurance

Your supply chain must be strong, and developed with scalability in mind. Using tried and tested processes and practices means that The Proving Factory can build a successful supply chain strategy and manage the growth of your production.

Over the last five years, we have assessed and developed an extensive range of suppliers in the UK and beyond who support the development and production of the electrical and mechanical systems in which we specialise.  This means we can accelerate your route to production, while controlling cost and quality.

The Proving Factory’s Supplier Quality Assurance (SQA) methodology provides a low risk and cost effective way of accelerating your component supply through prototype to validation and on to volume production.

The Proving Factory Supply Chain

Validation Prototyping

Product Realisation Centre (PRC), The Proving Factory’s purpose built, in-house facility, brings a clean environment to prototyping and assembly process development, ensuring that these are perfected before laying out the assembly cell. The PRC is fully reconfigurable, giving rapid turnaround between projects and the ideal layout for process development and documentation.

Product Realisation Centre

Proving Production

Low volume production is what The Proving Factory was established to do, so naturally our team have the expertise to implement manufacturing and assembly processes that will bring consistent quality to your product.

We have designed our business and facilities to optimise efficiency of production at around 10,000 units per year.  We can start at 100 units and build up and we can manage 20,000 units or more. We will also work with you to design higher volume production solutions and help or manage the transfer to other locations.

Your high volume production will be much more successful if you have proved your product and processes at low volume first, which is why we refer to it as proving volume and our business as The Proving Factory.