Who We Work With

The Proving Factory delivers automotive grade process development and low volume production to a wide range of customers who all have one thing in common: they want a reliable, low risk, outsourced industrialisation and production solution that leaves them in control of their Intellectual Property.

Technology Developers

Productiv and The Proving Factory have worked with multiple Technology Developers (TDs), accelerating their route to market and production.  Many of these are described in the Case Studies section of the Productiv Group web site.


The Proving Factory’s role is to support TDs when their technologies are ready for development into a specific application and they have secured customer demand.  We refer to this as the Application Development stage.  We then act as the manufacturing department in the product development team, enabling the TD to remain focused on the product.

Our overriding objective is to support TDs to enable their products to make it into production.  We are set up to manufacture and assemble low to medium volume contracts of between 100 and 20,000 units per year.  When a product is ready to move on to high volume production, we will support the transition to a new location, either operated by the TD or to a third party licensee.

OEMs & Tier 1s

Vehicle Manufacturers and other companies who want to integrate new technologies into their products can often find it challenging to develop the manufacturing processes and supply chains they need, particularly if this requires new areas of expertise.  This is particularly true currently as many companies are developing new clean technology solutions.

The Proving Factory works with the development engineering and product development teams of large companies to enable them to access exciting technologies that have been developed outside their existing supply chain.

The Proving Factory uses automotive standard processes and methodologies, with flexible facilities and business models to support large companies and their innovative departments to enable the adoption and production of advanced technologies.


The Proving Factory is often asked to support product development bids, for both commercial and grant funded projects.  Our role is usually to support development engineering teams with production process development, supply chain development, design for manufacture and validation prototype build.  The Proving Factory is happy to support these projects if they lead to an opportunity for commercial production in due course.  Productiv Services [link] also offers Bid Support and Programme Management as a service, should you want expertise in winning bids and managing successful programme delivery.


Hardware or engineering technology developers approach market readiness, investors often find that their focus shifts from getting the technology to work, to buying factories and production assets.  While this may suit some investors, it can also provide a distraction for those that would rather focus on maximising the return on the core intellectual property.

The Proving Factory offers a route to maintaining control over the product IP, while minimising the investment in fixed assets and production staff.  Our collaborative approach to risk sharing also suits many investors.  We are equally happy working as a contract manufacturer as we are sharing the risks in return for shared future rewards.