Industrialisation Specialists

Our extensive range of production and supply chain development skills ensure you get your product into production on time and within budget.

In our experience, which is gathered over the last five years in Productiv and multiple decades in previous roles, the most common cause of delay and failure among technology developers is the attempt to do everything under one roof.  The skill and brilliance required for early stage technology development is very different from the discipline of preparing for production.  While you and your team may well be capable of developing the processes and facilities to take your technology into production, we have repeatedly seen this activity as a major distraction that is incompatible with your core business of technology development.

Experience Over Brilliance

As a successful technology developer, you employ some of the brightest and most capable people.  Their role is to solve seemingly insoluble problems and to get your new technology to work and achieve the performance required to enable you to sell the concept to your target customers.  By comparison, the job of getting the technology ready for production, then manufacturing and assembling it, is pretty straight forward.

Simple as it may be however, industrialisation and production process development requires a certain discipline and control. Experience and methodology matters, if you are to get to market in a reasonable time.  The Proving Factory, powered by Productiv, brings both of these, allowing you to focus your brilliance on getting the technology to work.

Automotive Standards

Having recruited largely from the automotive industry, The Proving Factory applies the quality standards and processes expected by international vehicle manufacturers to everything it does.  This is evident in our internally developed Product Gateway Process, reducing the inherent risk involved in New Product Introduction and the time and cost of bringing products to market.

This is just part of the end to end capability offered by The Proving Factory. See our list of services.